Katerina Astropalitis- Why uniforms should be permitted

In Australia, school uniforms are permitted. They are a part of every school students daily life. Depending on the climate, school uniforms normally follow a simple structure of black shoes, a shirt and pants/skirt.

Private schools are independent and supported wholly by the payment of fees. At private schools, the more common thing is that the dress code is more forced upon the students. At these schools, parents are already paying quite a lot of money to send there child there, or even more than one. Adding an extra fee cost for supplying your children with different clothing for every single day, is just getting too ridiculous.

Yes, uniforms are expensive too, but would you want your child looking like an outsider and getting judged because you didn’t buy her expensive clothing ? No, i didn’t think so. Not having a uniform means buying your own, which means trying to buy the nicest clothing and shoes so you don’t get teased. Even if you’re not a person who worries about appearance and good looks, you will still get judged, maybe not by your friends but by people who do care about those things.

It’s not just students, but teachers would also judge. For example, if a kid came into your class with a ripped shirt, baggy pants and some thongs on, would you think very highly of them. The answer is no. Sometimes we don’t want to admit it but we judge people on their appearance, we might not mean to or want to but the fact is we do.

Do we want our children to grow up thinking that they have to have the most expensive things to be accepted in our society. This possibility should be erased from our current community’s problems and we should be focusing or more important things like helping the children in foreign countries who don’t have an education.


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