Lara Tomlinson- social media or social justice?

Social media is no longer just posting photos, liking and commenting but is a platform for voicing social justice. Social justice turned to social media in 2014 and now people are tackling issues of social justice.

Through social media a student group was formed in the University of Toronto  and was combined with young female scholars in Kenya living in what’s called ‘the world’s largest refugee camp’. An opportunity  that couldn’t have happened without social media. Others have adopted this new use for media using it in a way to advertise and promote justice.  Amelia Bornow has used the hashtag Shout your abortion to invite women to break down abortion stigma.

Her message has become viral due to social justice rising on social media. Not only are ordinary people who wish to voice their justice using social media but it has been adopted by agencies to provide services and gather evidence for justice. In 2015 a survey by IACP confirmed that 83.5% of agencies that use social media claim it helped solve crimes and has improved police community relations. If so many are adopting this new social justice platform it’s time was recognize social media as the new area for social justice.

What once was websites full of tweets, photos and comments has now changed it’s face to introduce itself as a platform for social justice and it’s now our responsibility to recognize and voice the calls for justice on media.


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