Madeleine Fee- Social media for social justice

Everyone expects the typical use of social media to relate to sharing photos of themselves on holidays or with friends but lately people have been using social media to help raise social awareness. People are now using social media to inform people of recent events that may affect them.

Social media is experiencing a big change with its use. People now are using it to promote social justice. For example in 2015 gay marriage and gay rights became an extremely popular topic in America. Social media was used to promote a positive aspect on this. People created Instagram and Facebook accounts dedicated to spreading the message of equality. This helped many Americans to see gay marriage in a new light causing the legalisation of gay marriage. Another example of social media being used for social justice was the support and awareness given to the terrorists attacks in Paris late last year. This started a domino effect with millions of other topics being widely spread over social media.

Social media isn’t just being used to raise awareness in some cases drastic measures are taken to help contribute to certain topics. A perfect example of this was the ALS ice bucket challenge. This was challenge was to raise awareness and donate money to the charity for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis disease. The charity raised about 92 million dollars in one month. Without social media this positive contribution to the disease wouldn’t have been possible.

This change to the use of social media has created not only a positive effect on social media users but has effected people in need. As kindhearted people we should continue this use of social media if we want to better our community.

By Madeleine Fee


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