Katerina Astropalitis – social media can help our society ?!!!

From Instagram posting, Facebook sharing and tweeting about your day, did you know that this actually is helping our community. People from all around the world use social media in all different ways, in some accounts, it can help people like the police and the government. There have been many cases where the police have used social media to track down hackers and criminals.

This is evident to the story of Instagrams hacking. A man with the instagram name of “Lauren Selmon” was requesting to follow vulnerable teenage girls that he would stalk and start talking to them. He would pretend to be friends with them, then start asking to meet them. Unfortunately, he got to one of the young girls and molested her. Her name was “Olivia Whites”, she committed suicide 1 year prior to the rapping. Yes, social media was the connection between this molesting, but that’s why these apps have buttons that let you “block people” and you can put your account on private, it would be your decision if you let them follow you. Social media was the connection but the stop to multiple molesting’s in the future. Police found his account on Instagram and shut it down.

The government can also use social media to get information about people that have been hiding or committing a crime. For example, if someone was hiding from the government for doing something, the government can use social media to help get some background information about the suspects physical features or their where abouts.

This is why i believe that social media is helping our society. It helps our government, it benefits our government and it leaves us feeling safer about the control that the government.

Written By Katerina Astropalitis


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