Social media for Social justice – Maggie Thomas

Although social media can be used for the sharing of selfies, videos and vines, and communication between users, lately it has been used for the promotion of social justice. Links and messages can be shared viral with the simple ‘click’ of a button, so why don’t we take advantage of it and help change the wrong happenings in the world.  Raising awareness for the important causes by sharing photos, inspirational quotes, and hashtags is a great example of how social media furthers peoples knowledge and raises money quickly and easily. For example, the recent ALS ice – bucket challenge, encouraging donations for the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. (#alsicebucketchallenge) This included nominees pouring a bucket of ice water on themselves within 24 hours, otherwise they had to make a donation towards the research of the disease. This resulted in $100 million being donated and lives being changed forever.

Another way social media is being used for the better is the police facebook page. When a community member goes missing or something dangerous is in the making nearby, the police can alert the community members through social media. This improves the safety of the residents and can potentially save lives.

By using social media for social justice, we can make a huge difference in the world and therefore make it a better place.




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