HomeWork – Maggie Thomas

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Q1. Skechers

Q2. Girls/women who follow/interested in  Kim K.

Q3. The ad uses celebrity endorsements as people think that Kim K is wearing them and therefore they should too.

Q4. The ad doesn’t give much detail into the product apart from the name and that Kim Kardashian supposedly ‘wears’ them.

Q5. Because of the limited info on the ad, it shows that the people buying the shoes are only doing it because they think they will be like Kim Kardashian as she has signed the advertisement.


Mikayla Turville – Homework


Question 1. Estee Lauder is responsible for the advertisement
Question 2. People in there 20’s and possibly older teens
Question 3. Using a celebrity and having dark background colors to make the product pop – Lighting on Kendall’s face to make product visible and most attention drawn to the product or Kendall’s lips (holding finger at lips).
Question 4. That it has a potent effect and  that it is driven by desire
Question 5. This advertisement may be trying to give off the message that if you buy this lipstick that you will have lot of desire and hat you will be just as fabulous as Kendall Jenner.

Alexis Hogan Homework

Question 1

  • Kylie Jenner and her cosmetics coompany
  • This ad is targeting teenage girls and women in their 20’s. The endorser of the ad (Kylie Jenner) is a very well-known and influential person, and is in the similar age to the people it is targeting
  • The ad has no words, and uses a celebrity endorsement with just an image. Because this is actually the celebrities brand, it makes it extra believable and appealing
  • The ad suggests that after purchasing this lipstick, you will have large, smooth and plump lips instantly just like Kylie Jenner
  • This ad shows that the people who purchases this ad want and aspire to look like Kylie Jenner, and in particular want her famously large and perfect lip
  • Ad 1: Humour, association, claim, sense appeal
    1. This ad is for a quarter pounder from McDonalds. The ad uses its association to McDonalds to intrigue viewers, and uses humour and the picture of a delicious burger to keep them attentive and longing for a burger.
    2. The ad uses these techniques so that viewers want to buy the burger
    3. The ad is successful, and the ad wants you to give into your cravings and eat a large burger instead of a salad, making the burger seem more appealing.
    4. If I was to create this ad, I would simply have a picture of the burger without any writing so that the viewer is completely fixated on the burger and not distracted by the writing


Identifying ad techniques activity- Chyka Steer

Q1) The company Pepsi is responsible for the ad

Q2) the add is targeting gen y and z with the use of the young beautiful woman and the modern theme of the ad

Q3) Association: the colour association of red and blue makes you think of the brand Pepsi, the relation to the skinny can is reflected by the skinny model

Claim: this product is diet and smaller leading you to think that this is healthier for you

Hype: the word ‘new’ is used to excite people and make them go out and purchase the drink

Repetition: the repetition of colour on the can, straw, and her outfit causes the consumer to remember the ad and makes the brand recognisable

Q4) The ad suggests that by having Pepsi diet in the new skinny can it will make you look like the model in the ad and leads the customer to the conclusion that this drink will make them skinny and beautiful.

Q5) This ad suggests that the a regular consumer of Pepsi might not be skinny and by drinking something that is meant to be healthier both their health and figure will improve




Hannah- Find the Techniques Worksheet


Student Worksheet 2- part 2- Find the Techniques

1) Pepsi is responsible for this advertisement, promoting diet Pepsi

2) This advertisement is targeting lovers of soft drink, most likely 15 and older, people who are more self-conscious of what they consume.  The ad is constructed in a way that promotes the beverage as a healthy and beautifying refreshment. This is because the flawless Sofia Vergara, in which her image has still been edited is promoting “Diet” Pepsi a drink advertised to appear good for you. It deceits the audience into believing if they drink diet Pepsi they too will look as good as Sofia Vergara.

3) The techniques used in this ad include celebrity endorsement using Sofia Vergara to promote diet Pepsi. Special ingredient techniques are also applied in this ad with the use of the term “diet” Pepsi to make it seem healthy.

4/5) This ad articulates that nothing will refresh you the way diet Pepsi does and that you too could look like Sofia Vergara if you drink diet Pepsi.

Maddy Fee- Homework

  1. Revlon
  2. Women most likely 14 years and up.
  3. Claim- explains how you are able to get the colour clarity in one smooth swipe.  Hype- uses words like high definition.                                                                                Testimonials and endorsements- Emma Stone is featured on the ad.
  1. The ad suggests that ‘romance is on’ which somehow predicts that the product enhances your love life. It also informs you that the product will give you a weightless feel.
  2. People who buy this product are looking for a way create a perfect lipstick look as suggested by the ad.


Sarah Stockley – Part 2


Who is responsible for the ad?

The responsibility of the ad is held by Lancôme Paris.

What audience is the ad targeting? What makes you think so?

The ad is targeting women, late teens to around 40 year olds. It is evident that the ad is targeting this gender and age group as a young woman is displayed on the ad and it is a woman’s beauty product.

What techniques does the ad use?

  • Claim: stating that the product will let you ‘see you skin lift from within.
  • Endorsement: choosing Julia Roberts to promote the ad.
  • Sense Appeal: using natural colours.

What does the ad say or suggest about this product or service?

The ad is saying that you will see you skin lift from within and the name of the product has ‘miracle’ in it. It is suggesting that if you buy this product, you will instantly look like the celebrity pictured on the ad.

What does the ad say about the people who buy the product or service?

The ad is saying that the people who purchase this product want to be like Julia Roberts and believe that once they use this product they will become just like the celebrity pictured.