Pascale Healy- Homework Task Part 2

  1. Covergirl (a beauty brand) is responsible for the ad.
  2. The ad is targeting mostly women or young girls, this can be assumed because of the women in the ad and it is known that most women wear makeup.
  3. Techniques used:
  • Claim- “New Plumpified Mascara”, “50x Volume + Vertical Lift”
  • Fear- you might have small/thin eyelashes and this will fix your problem
  • Sense appeal- sight- big, bold, black eyelashes, black and red theme is pleasing
  • Testimonials and endorsements- features current pop star, Katy Perry.
  1. The ad says that the product gives “a whole new look in lashes”, that the brush lifts your eyelashes, it also says in small print that Katy Perry is wearing eyelash inserts which gives the consumer the idea that they may not achieve this exact look with just the mascara but the rest of the ad suggests that the consumer will achieve this look.
  2. The ad states that this product will give the consumer voluminous, long and lifted lashes.katy-perry-01-600x800

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