Ruby van Hamersveld-ad techniques


  1. Wendy’s Diner is responsible for the ad
  2. It is targeting all ages, because there is no gender separation (e.g. gender colors, words meaning ‘For him or for her’.
  3. The ad uses:

Association: A popular American Product (Wendy’s Diner is a popular diner for American’s and is sometimes podcasted on food shows e.g. Man vs Food). The way they positioned the photo is cleverly placed to catch the viewers’ attention to see the ‘New’ burger and instantly wanting to buy one.



Humor: by using the question where’s the beef and answering with the burger can lead to meat-loving consumers to thinking that there is a lot of beef for a burger.

Special ingredients: by having a new burger and showing that there is more meat it would tell the consumer that it is better with more beef than it was originally.

  1. The ad suggest that the product is juicy and delicious, tasty for everyone who eats it.

Whoever buys this product with have a tasty, juicy, hot meal from Wendy’s Diner


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