Advertisement Homework – Ena Beganovic

  1. Who is responsible for the ad?

The responsibility and creation of the ad is taken on by Tribu DDB Honduras for Volkswagen.

  1. What audience is the ad targeting? What makes you think so?

Due to the purpose of the ad being to raise awareness of drunk driving, the target audience must be any of those who have their licence and exceed the legal age of drinking. Superheroes are a typical a man/boy group of action figures and therefore this ad would play a larger impact on men.

  1. What techniques does the ad use?

Association, Sense Appeal, Testimonials and Endorsements as well as Claim.

  1. What does the ad say or suggest about the product or service?

Considering the ad is raising awareness for drunk driving, it displays a strong, invincible figure under the influence of alcohol and critically injuring themselves. This clearly labels the risk of drunk driving, hopefully influencing people’s opinions on the topic in a better manner.

  1. What does the ad say about the people who buy the product or service?

For those who the ad impacts, shows a sensible person, yet also vulnerable as they take a quick reaction to the poster.

Homework- advertising image


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