Lara Tomlinson- Homework

english 2

  1. Unidentified
  2. Smokers and youth because it is implying that there are serious health risks when smoking and it is not a practice that the next generation should continue
  3. Techniques in the ad

    • Fear, the fear of not being beautiful as in society white teeth are considered beautiful.
    • Call to action, stop smoking as it affects your beautiful. Stop before you lose your beauty.
    • Repetition, repeating the smoke bud to emphasize the harm it is having on the body inside and out.
    • Association, associating the used buds with continued and over usage of cigarettes and the health issues that come with it.
  4. It suggests that cigarettes are harmful substances that can damage you on the inside and outside
  5. The ad says that people who buy cigarettes will suffer health and beauty loss making it a serious issue in society as we want to be healthy and beautiful.

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