Christina Ferguson- ad homework

maccas wifi

1.Who is responsible for the ad? 

The add was made and created by McDonald’s Australia

2. What audience is the add targeting? What made you think so?

The ad is targeting technology users and the younger generations. This is because WiFi is needed to use almost anything these days and by providing free WiFi draws in those people as well as getting them to by food while they are there.

3.What techniques does the ad use?

Free Rewards, Sense Appeal, Personal Factors,

4. What does the ad say or suggest about the product or service

The ad suggests that McDonald’s is targeting what people use to gain popularity and therefore gain more money as they come into the store

5.What does this ad say about the people who buy the product or service?

This ad suggests that people are getting used to technology and need it for daily life and there for will soon become obsessed with technology, meaning that our nation will start to become more obese.






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