Hannah- Find the Techniques Worksheet


Student Worksheet 2- part 2- Find the Techniques

1) Pepsi is responsible for this advertisement, promoting diet Pepsi

2) This advertisement is targeting lovers of soft drink, most likely 15 and older, people who are more self-conscious of what they consume.  The ad is constructed in a way that promotes the beverage as a healthy and beautifying refreshment. This is because the flawless Sofia Vergara, in which her image has still been edited is promoting “Diet” Pepsi a drink advertised to appear good for you. It deceits the audience into believing if they drink diet Pepsi they too will look as good as Sofia Vergara.

3) The techniques used in this ad include celebrity endorsement using Sofia Vergara to promote diet Pepsi. Special ingredient techniques are also applied in this ad with the use of the term “diet” Pepsi to make it seem healthy.

4/5) This ad articulates that nothing will refresh you the way diet Pepsi does and that you too could look like Sofia Vergara if you drink diet Pepsi.


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