Identifying ad techniques activity- Chyka Steer

Q1) The company Pepsi is responsible for the ad

Q2) the add is targeting gen y and z with the use of the young beautiful woman and the modern theme of the ad

Q3) Association: the colour association of red and blue makes you think of the brand Pepsi, the relation to the skinny can is reflected by the skinny model

Claim: this product is diet and smaller leading you to think that this is healthier for you

Hype: the word ‘new’ is used to excite people and make them go out and purchase the drink

Repetition: the repetition of colour on the can, straw, and her outfit causes the consumer to remember the ad and makes the brand recognisable

Q4) The ad suggests that by having Pepsi diet in the new skinny can it will make you look like the model in the ad and leads the customer to the conclusion that this drink will make them skinny and beautiful.

Q5) This ad suggests that the a regular consumer of Pepsi might not be skinny and by drinking something that is meant to be healthier both their health and figure will improve





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