Sarah Stockley – Video Ad

The InStyler is a rotating iron that is said to style and straighten your hair while adding body and volume. In the advertisement, it displays the InStyler straightening and curling women’s hair. It also demonstrates videos of hair straighteners that ruin your hair, putting a negative view on the company. It also displays and states how the InStyler works, persuading buyers to feel obliged to buy this product. The commercial shows the InStyler as “the hair accessory of the moment.” The image is appealing to me as it makes me feel like the InStyler is the only product that can actually style your hair, without ruining it. It shows the differences before and after the InStyler is used on a woman’s hair. I have bought the InStyler and the claims about this product are somewhat true. It straightens my hair but won’t curl it. I partly did end up looking like the image displayed in the ad, only because the instructions stated that you have to wash and dry your hair right before you use it.



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