Alexis Hogan Homework

Question 1

  • Kylie Jenner and her cosmetics coompany
  • This ad is targeting teenage girls and women in their 20’s. The endorser of the ad (Kylie Jenner) is a very well-known and influential person, and is in the similar age to the people it is targeting
  • The ad has no words, and uses a celebrity endorsement with just an image. Because this is actually the celebrities brand, it makes it extra believable and appealing
  • The ad suggests that after purchasing this lipstick, you will have large, smooth and plump lips instantly just like Kylie Jenner
  • This ad shows that the people who purchases this ad want and aspire to look like Kylie Jenner, and in particular want her famously large and perfect lip
  • Ad 1: Humour, association, claim, sense appeal
    1. This ad is for a quarter pounder from McDonalds. The ad uses its association to McDonalds to intrigue viewers, and uses humour and the picture of a delicious burger to keep them attentive and longing for a burger.
    2. The ad uses these techniques so that viewers want to buy the burger
    3. The ad is successful, and the ad wants you to give into your cravings and eat a large burger instead of a salad, making the burger seem more appealing.
    4. If I was to create this ad, I would simply have a picture of the burger without any writing so that the viewer is completely fixated on the burger and not distracted by the writing



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