Roses Paragraph – Ena Beganovic

It’s too much and not to mention too wrong. I can’t be falling for Julia, she’s younger, more innocent and her mother has been so nice to me. I need to think of the beautiful girl I can call mine back in Buenos Aires. If only there was a way to distance myself from the girl I’m living with, stuck in a house with, forced to talk to every night! Sounds crazy, but it’s a good kind of crazy. Although I suppose I’m not forced to talk to her, it is a guilty pleasure of mine. The walk to the train every morning has been casual, yet magical. The way she gently places one foot in front of the other, gives me shivers. Even watching Julia eating dinner gives me butterflies, the way the spaghetti twists around her fork and is perfectly placed in her mouth. If only there was a way to kill this feeling and take my mind off of things. Maybe make more spaghetti?


Roses- Gabby Jeffs

I wake up and get dressed. Time to make some breakfast I think to myself. So I put on a pot of coffee and start unpeeling a banana.

“Umm this is good”. I accidentally say out loud as I have a sip of coffee.

As I was having breakfast Julia walked down the stairs. She looked so cute in her uniform.

“Can I walk with you when you go to school.” I asked, “I think I would like to do a bit of sightseeing. Become a tourist for the day.”

“Of course.” She says with the sweetest grin on her beautiful face, “you may need a map.”

“It’s ok I have one right here.” I say as I point to my breast pocket, “I’d just like you to show me what train to take and what platform to stand on.”

We walk out the door into the brisk air and make our way to the train station. I can smell her hair from where I’m standing. It smells like fresh flowers and the way it sits she looks like a goddess.


Pascale Healy- Roses paragraph

The smell of sweet perfume fills my lungs as my lips delicately touch her soft cheek. The kindest woman stands in front of me and I feel so grateful. She has opened her arms out to not only me but now my girlfriend who I have missed so terribly. My girlfriend, Camila, is going to come here to New South Wales and stay at Kate’s house with me for a while. Here we can be tourists and eventually find jobs to earn money for our new house together. This is the girl I want to spend the rest of my life with and I think Australia is the place to do it. I hear a sharp intake of breath as I take my lips off Kate’s cheek. I see her daughter, Julia, standing by the door in horror and I feel completely confused by her expression. She becomes upset about something. Maybe it’s the kiss but I’m not sure why. I was just thanking her mother for her kindness. A simple kiss on the cheek is normal where I come from but maybe it is different here in Australia.

Roses Paragraph – Angeliki Samios

My heart dropped as soon as I heard those words. Words kept repeating. Wait. Girlfriend. What. Why. I pulled myself together and tried to stay positive. No way! I can’t, my first real true love. Maybe I should ask him anyway… But what I just can’t get out of my head is that he should have at least told me about her! This makes  me feel infuriated! Tomorrow is the day where we meet her that will defiantly be something to NOT look forward to!

Snap Shot Paragraph – Eliza Fitzgerald

As I walk down the crowded streets of Amsterdam, my eyes scan the area for somewhere to eat. The soft snow falls lightly on to my straw coloured hair while I take in the beautiful surroundings. The icy tree branches and snow-filled walkways may be cold, but it manages to make me feel warm inside. I glance towards a small, cozy cafe. Seated at the front of the cafe are two people, a boy and a girl. My eyes lock with the boy’s and for a moment, I couldn’t stop the butterflies in my stomach. A smile slowly made its way on to my lips, him responding with a smirk and a subtle wink. There is something about this boy that makes me want to go up and talk to him; get to know him and perhaps create memories that could last a lifetime, but my feet carry me further down the street. Looking behind me, I take one more look at the boy, thinking about what could have been. “He’s just another stranger.”

Charlotte Greer- Short Story

I sat upon a cool metal bench, my trousers soaked up the cool morning dew as I gazed at the sun reflecting off of the white crisp snow, creating a layer of shimmer. The sun was so full of life I could barely see my surrounding. In the distance a beautiful young girl figure was elegantly walking towards me. As she walked closer my vision became clearer. Strands of her magma-red hair hung from her ear stroking her rosy red cheek, her eyes were like a coral reef full of colour and as we made contact she let out a gorgeous smile capturing my full attention. It was at this moment It came to realization that standing before me was the love of my life.

“ Maggie “ I gasped unsure of what to say

Snapshot Paragraph – Ena Beganovic

It was different, Germany’s mild snowflakes tingling on the edge of my nose, contrasted with Australia’s harsh rays of sunlight beaming a red tinge upon the apples of my cheeks. But the drastic change made worth it by the entrancing girl lying next to me, gently placed on a knitted picnic rug as the summer sun shines down on her long brown hair. I’d always wondered why the trees were green and the sky so blue, but as we lay, hand-in hand, our surroundings slowly vanished as our only focus becomes the inhalation of air expanding our lungs as we take in each other’s company. The happiness glowing on others faces as the trees sway in the wind and the park benches sit stable, making me reflect, “How did I ever get so lucky?”