Pascale Healy- Short Story

The boring, dark curtains block all the sunshine that could have ever entered the cold room. They blow in the whistling wind while I watch them intently, like they were the only things that ever mattered to me. I don’t want to do anything. I don’t want to see anyone. I hate this, this life, these people. Why am I here? I know Dad is trying to help me, he loves me but it’s just not the same anymore…without Mum. She would always help me get through my troubles, she knew exactly what to say and how to act. I’m just confused now, what do I really want? They say its depression but I think its life. Life has taken over me and filled me with troubles, it’s taken my Mum away from me, it’s made my friends hate me and it’s made me feel all alone. But I want to be alone, alone with my Mum.


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