Pascale Healy- Roses paragraph

The smell of sweet perfume fills my lungs as my lips delicately touch her soft cheek. The kindest woman stands in front of me and I feel so grateful. She has opened her arms out to not only me but now my girlfriend who I have missed so terribly. My girlfriend, Camila, is going to come here to New South Wales and stay at Kate’s house with me for a while. Here we can be tourists and eventually find jobs to earn money for our new house together. This is the girl I want to spend the rest of my life with and I think Australia is the place to do it. I hear a sharp intake of breath as I take my lips off Kate’s cheek. I see her daughter, Julia, standing by the door in horror and I feel completely confused by her expression. She becomes upset about something. Maybe it’s the kiss but I’m not sure why. I was just thanking her mother for her kindness. A simple kiss on the cheek is normal where I come from but maybe it is different here in Australia.


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