Roses- Gabby Jeffs

I wake up and get dressed. Time to make some breakfast I think to myself. So I put on a pot of coffee and start unpeeling a banana.

“Umm this is good”. I accidentally say out loud as I have a sip of coffee.

As I was having breakfast Julia walked down the stairs. She looked so cute in her uniform.

“Can I walk with you when you go to school.” I asked, “I think I would like to do a bit of sightseeing. Become a tourist for the day.”

“Of course.” She says with the sweetest grin on her beautiful face, “you may need a map.”

“It’s ok I have one right here.” I say as I point to my breast pocket, “I’d just like you to show me what train to take and what platform to stand on.”

We walk out the door into the brisk air and make our way to the train station. I can smell her hair from where I’m standing. It smells like fresh flowers and the way it sits she looks like a goddess.



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