Snap Shot Paragraph – Eliza Fitzgerald

As I walk down the crowded streets of Amsterdam, my eyes scan the area for somewhere to eat. The soft snow falls lightly on to my straw coloured hair while I take in the beautiful surroundings. The icy tree branches and snow-filled walkways may be cold, but it manages to make me feel warm inside. I glance towards a small, cozy cafe. Seated at the front of the cafe are two people, a boy and a girl. My eyes lock with the boy’s and for a moment, I couldn’t stop the butterflies in my stomach. A smile slowly made its way on to my lips, him responding with a smirk and a subtle wink. There is something about this boy that makes me want to go up and talk to him; get to know him and perhaps create memories that could last a lifetime, but my feet carry me further down the street. Looking behind me, I take one more look at the boy, thinking about what could have been. “He’s just another stranger.”


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