Adaan-Sarah, Piper, Maggie, Gabby and Ruby

The story is from Da’s  perspective on the day he disappears. The story starts off when he is running from the man to the fig tree.

Step. Breathe. Step. Breathe. My legs scraping against the burnt grass, the white, blinding sun ahead of me. The feeling of metal is predominant in my mouth, sweat cascading off my forehead, striking me like foggy, watery, glasses, panic surging up from my throat. Hold it down mate. Step. Breathe. Step. Breathe. I quickly turn back and catch a glimpse of him, he hadn’t given up. He was still chasing me. With my adrenaline pumping, I keep going. I just need to make it to the tree. My eyes latch on the gnarled, fig tree. Precisely, I’m six hundred and forty two meters away from the checkpoint. I don’t know what I was thinking. I could’ve run to my house or George’s because I know his mum doesn’t work. But Adaan is my safe place. So I kept running. I run past Lake Scarborough which is now covering the old town. I run past the road which is now used as a boat ramp. I run through the narrow mud trail with sharp, prickly bushes on either side. And then I’m there. I made it. I reached the checkpoint. I’m in Adaan.

I made it to the tree. I looked behind me and I saw that he wasn’t there. I took a sigh of relief as I wandered around the tree. My heart slowed down and my breathing was back to normal, I was safe. Suddenly, I heard footsteps in the distance. I looked over to where I heard the noise. Oh no. There’s the man. Running towards me. What do I do? I think to myself. I hide behind the tree.

“Where are you, kid?” Says the man. I gulp. I hear footsteps coming closer. Oh no I think. I run. He sees me, and runs after me.

“Come back!” He says. I felt myself fall. I felt something trickle down my leg. I looked up, he was getting closer. I tried to get up but fell straight back down. I don’t know what to do anymore. I give up and let him catch up to me.

“I’ve got you now.” He said under his breath. He grabbed my arm and pulled me up forcing me to work on my now probably broken leg.

“Why are you doing this?” I say in sort of a whisper.

“You’ve hurt me. Now I hurt you.” He said roughly. I let out a whimper as we keep walking. I feel my eyes closing as I fall to the ground.

I wake up tied to a chair. I look around I only see wood walls, a small window and a door. At my feet lies a simple envelope and a pen. The door opens, the man comes in.

“Write your brother’s name on the envelope.” He says as he unties my arms.

With shaking, dirt and blood caked fingers, I write my brother’s name on the envelope, Jack Carpenter, 7 Rifle Range Road, Scarborough 4926. Memories flash back to the time when we were laying in the grass, watching the ugly yellow tent. That stupid tent! Why did it have to be there? Why did we stay and throw rocks at it? We’re so stupid, I was so stupid. The harsh breathing pluming at my face, his gashed forehead dripping down his nose and splashing onto me. His eyes, eyes of pure darkness staring like hollow tunnels back at me.

His words, those stabbing, spiteful words, “I’ll bury you beneath that tree”.

A harsh blow is struck across my face, losing my train of thought.

“Get up!” he screamed.

I stagger to my feet clutching my cheek. I limply and gingerly hand the letter to him, which he snatches away.

“Those boys will be looking for you, but not for long” he chuckles as he slips a pixilated photo of the tree into the envelope.

Blood pounding in my ears, my legs, well one leg has gone numb. What does he mean? He turns his back, I take this opportunity and shove him away, taking him down, I stagger/limp towards the door. Just before I reach the handle, I feel a harsh pull against the back of my shirt, choking me to the ground. We wrestle on the floor, but he is too strong and before I know it, he’s on top of me pinning me to the ground by my throat. I look up to see his eyes blazing at me, his breath ragged, he speaks,

“You idiot, you will never escape, for I always fufil my promises”

I see a glint of silver behind his back and know it’s too late as he starts to raise it above his head.


Snapshot-Eva Arkinstall

The Pale white walls of the science room seem to add to the dullness of the teacher’s monotone voice. The class was endless and drained of life .My mid drifted off to a daydream at first it was just pure white and the voices around me began to drift away like me.  Now I’m just about to leave the class, I can’t wait any longer to rush out, bolt down the halls to him so, I can tell him everything. ‘MISS! Wake up NOW please’ my teacher barks hovering over me with his grey soulless eyes full of regret. “What are your views on snapshot?” his voice piercing one ear to the other “I don’t really have any, I’m not sure I understand the full story. Why he travel and what his purpose?” the teacher just stood a little bit flabbergasted. I went back to my daydream of would might be to come.


Maurizio’s POV

Okay I have my map, hat, sunglasses and my phone. OKAY IM READY! But I have to wait for Julia to be ready. I will amuse myself while I wait, I could thing about my girlfriend and how I will break up with her but how can I she coming to Australia in less than a week and I’m too stressed. I being myself out of the down would spinal that is my current life to meet the eyes of the beautiful Julia. There are full of desire and youth. I stare into them trying to see if I can read her mind and see if she feels the same about me as I. She says something but I takes me a while to process it. “ Today I’m a tourist!”

The Red Dwarf – Ena, Kat, Annie & Eva

As my eyes steadily open, the scent of acid takes control over my senses and I start to see blurry images, consisting of bright metals, pure whiteness and spots of green, causing me to shut my eyes quickly as the reflecting light becomes too over powering. I hear what sounds like a plan, being muttered by high-pitched voices. To reassure myself of where I’m standing I clench the palms of my sweaty hands and begin to panic as I reach my hand to feel the frosted glass all around me, as if I’m stuck in a capsule. I ask myself the pressing question, where am I?

My eyes finally adjust to see Steve opposite from me, eyes closed, trapped in a clear capsule looking as though he’s dead. Although I’m heavily confused as to where I am and why my neighbour is standing across from me looking deceased, all I can seem to wonder is how did I get here? The last moment that I can revise is the hand of an alien creature coming towards me while I sit mesmerised in the van that chased me prominently. But suddenly a loud thump on the glass surrounding me along with the shaking of my capsule, breaks my daydream as I stand, staring at the green alien creature I remember reaching towards my body, what felt like only seconds ago. “Welcome hacker #37135.” It said, but I freeze, wondering what I did to deserve such a hallucination. “Are you ready?” The alien creature has a high pitched, mechanic voice, a green and scaly looking texture as well as the biggest, blackest eyes I have ever seen in my whole existence. Then, I get the smallest pint of information from the creature, “’Operation: Steal the Red Dwarf’ has begun.”

We made it to the museum after minimal training to perfect our hacking skills. It was time, this is the moment. The army of hackers and disguised aliens we were about to make the heist when we heard a muttering sound was coming from around the corner. We waited anxiously as the guards passed not noticing the fifty or so aliens and humans invisibly standing less than a metre away from them and not realising that those people will so be the world’s greatest thieves. As we cautiously roam the halls of the museum it becomes increasingly familiar after the long days studying this buildings halls, corridors and security. Finally, just as we suspected a sign appears on the left, ‘The Red Dwarf, open now’. Again we proceed carefully aware of the potential dangers and room for error. A large dark room appears, our eyes follow from corner to corner taking in every detail, every camera. A single spotlight in the middle of the room makes clear a crystal clear box featuring the blood red diamond. Whispers begin as the risky part of the plan begins.

Chyka, Charlie, Angeliki- Short story – Red Dwarf

In a muggy, bland car park the mysterious van reappeared out of the shadows. Staring at me was logo about the red dwarf painted on the side of the van. It was only a painting but it was mocking me, the feeling of regret flowed through my body and all of a sudden I was in complete shock. Now the van had slowly came to a stop and the rear doors opened wide. The mystery of the van was too much temptation and I noticed that my legs were subconsciously walking around to the doors. As is peered around the corner a red light illuminated the inside and there was a wall of computer screens with a single key board resiting on a table with a chair neatly tucked in. There wasn’t anyone in the van, this gave me a nervous feeling that pulsed through my body. I sat down at the keyboard and my hacking instincts kicked in quickly trying to find out any important information that will help me in the quest to steel the red dwarf. I broke through the security wall but then all of a sudden a demented creature with pure evil eyes and shrivelled skin flaking of its body appeared on the screen.

I frantically typed in possible codes to get into the twisted system, before the alien would indulge in me.  My fingers were automatically typing, I wasn’t going to stop until I had got in. A bright green box with black bold righting saying ‘you are now in control’ popped up onto my screen. I had no time to congratulate myself on once again another success. I started to randomly pressed buttons on the keyboard and soon enough I discovered that by using specific codes I was able to control the beastly thing. I had no time to waste and drove the midnight black van to the fancy museum where the red dwarf was held. I stayed inside the tech van I couldn’t take any chance in getting into trouble by the police, I controlled the alien by using the keyboard to get the valuable red dwarf. I’m very smart I thought this plan through on the way, seeing that this being is an alien there’s no possible way that it will set off any human based alarms. I was right of course, it didn’t go off. Now the red dwarf was in my possession.

Ok so now I have this prize I need to figure out how I’m going to get out of here. There are cameras everywhere so I can’t waltz on out of here. No, no, no.  I need to be agile, stealthy and above all cautious. There is a camera just around the corner, I need to act casual I try to walk a bit closer to it. As I pass directly under the camera I’m just praying I’m in its blind spot. I’m sweating like someone got a bucket of water and through it at me. I can feel each and every drop running down my face. Pppphhheeeeewww! I made it past the camera. There’s the exit! I should just make a run for it before someone notices that the red dwarf is missing. I’m running past people just pushing them out of the way as though they are a helium balloons all swarming around me. There’s the van I jump in and slammed shut the doors. I jump into the driver’s seat and slam my foot on the accelerator it makes a screeching noise as though someone is scraping a black bored with their nails. Right now we are on our way to my house traveling at about 120k/hr.

I collect all my belongings like cloths and all my super cool gadgets. Suddenly I can hear a faint noise of sirens about a few blocks away that was my queue to leave. As I said my last good byes to the house that I had lived in for so many years. I shut the door and run as fast as I can I jump into the van slamming the door. I start the car. Nothing. I try again. Nothing. The noise of the siren is getting louder as they drive along the street directly across from my street. I keep trying to turn the car on. No luck. Eventually I realised that before the car starts all doors had to be closed and my door wasn’t I close it as hard as I can making the whole van move. I try tuning the car on. It works. I pounded my foot onto the breaks. I can now hear the sirens getting softer as I drive through these empty streets. I can’t hear them now. I suspect they are searching my house by now. It’s nearly night time I should pull over but I can’t take that risk especially now when I’m a wanted criminal. I decided to keep driving I turn the radio on. “Apparently in the museum the prize red jewel The Red Dwarf has been stolen this person is now the most wanted man.” As soon as I heard this I knew I shouldn’t try to just leave this state but to flee to another country. From now on I knew I would have to hide my face so I wore one of those jumpers that had a hoodie, I wore black tinted sunglasses. I could barely see a thing. I finally came the decision to catch a boat to New Zealand. I defiantly couldn’t go by plane it would be too risky with police and cameras everywhere I’d be caught in a second. No the only solution is to go by boat that way I can bring the whole van on board.

The Red Dwarf

The Red Dwarf written by Sarah, Maggie, Piper, Gabby & Ruby.

The story takes place when Steve sees ‘Ben’ outside the convenience store & is written from Steve’s perspective.

On a Saturday in a crusty old convenience store I’ve just purchased my gizmo gadgets from a retired bikie who reeks of smoke. Walking outside into the blinding, white sky I spot my mate from school across the pot-hole road. He is a weird kind of fella, I’m not sure what he does. He doesn’t talk much, especially when we were in school. Ben sees me and comes over, “what have you’ve been doing the past five years mate?” I ask, he shrugs and asked me what I’ve bought. “Just some new gizmo’s and lotto tickets I’m gonna try out. You gonna do the same?” He turns his nose and says “No I don’t buy gizmo’s or lotto tickets, because I don’t need them”. I sigh, “Half your luck, mate. I’m always buying lotto tickets and never get anywhere. I’m beginning to think I should rob a bank or hatch a plan to snatch the Red Dwarf.” I said cautiously. And to my surprise, Ben answers. “I’ve actually been thinking about that too, maybe we could join forces.” Of course I wanted to. I mean, I really need the money. Someone who I could I go down with in the case of failure. “It would be pretty hard to crack the system, mate.” I say vigilantly.

“I’m up for it,” he says “are you?”

We go back to my house and hatch a plan to break the code of the uncrackable security system. I can’t lie, Petrov’s men have brains. His security people had never once let him down. We researched the rare, flawless, pink diamond to find it was discovered in Siberia by an old Russian miner years ago, who coincidentally happened to be Petrov’s grandfather. We got straight to work and devoted our logical minds to the various problems of snatching Ivan Petrov’s prize possession. To win the game we would have to determine Petrov’s household and discover who he employed, how they worked and what the system was made up of. We spent a few hours of boredom on the computer, analysing his monotonous hallway. We were almost out of patience and falling into pure tedium when someone, a woman, appeared on the screen of the computer. She ran rapidly across the screen, only fast enough for me to catch a glimpse of her auburn hair colour and the freckles that made her face. She was the housekeeper, not a Russian and spoke English well. After snapping a picture of a man in a grey suit and glasses we hurried back to my place to continue investigating The Red Dwarf.

A few days later, Wednesday, Ben and I spotted a strange rustic white van parked outside my house, it left so we thought no more of it. It is now Saturday, a few hours before Ben and I will capture the Red Dwarf. We venture out to the shopping centre to chew up time and grab a coffee. We finish our coffee with just over an hour before the exhibition where will we snatch the Red Dwarf.

“Look,” he says, “there it is.” We started the journey back to the car when Ben had spotted something. He didn’t even have to mention what it was, because I knew. By his tone and the expression in his voice I could tell it was back. The van had returned and was parked across the street, directly outside the shopping centre doors. Frozen, we stand, not knowing what to do when the van starts its engine and heads straight towards the doors. “Run!” I scream at Ben. I swivel around and head straight for the shopping centre, knocking over my surroundings.

“We made it!” I say with a sigh of relief.

I turned around only to find I was talking to myself because there was no Ben.

“Ben.” I screamed. Oh no. He’s gone but how he was right behind me. I run back in to the van. “Ben. Are you in here?” I whispered. I looked over to the computer screen and there was blood everywhere. That can’t be possible, I thought to myself.

“Your friend is gone.” The computer screen alien said to me.

“No. You’re not real. He’s not gone.” I screamed.

“He is and you’re next.” It said to me. I ran. I ran out of the van and out of the shopping centre to my house.

Your friend is gone. Your friend is gone. The phrase kept replaying in my head. Just then I realised that I had to get the Red Dwarf. Not for fun. Not for competition. But for Ben. “I’m getting it for Ben.” I whisper to myself. I start to plan how I’m going to get it. At night, I’m going to sneak into the museum and steal it. Pretty easy right. Not. I have to get passed the guards and then the security system and then I have to get the Red Dwarf and get out. I’m ready to get it though.

Its night time and I’m ready. I made my way to the museum. There I see the guards with torches. I go around the back. Only one guard. This will be easy. I throw something it to the bushes and the guard rushes over to find out what it is and when he does that, I run in. There is the box for the alarm code. I find the password and type it in. The alarm turns off. I grab out my torch and start searching for the Red Dwarf.

I finally found it. 30 minutes of looking. I shove it in my bag and run out the back door. Hit the guard on the head to knock him out and run back home.

I’ve done it. I’ve finally snatched the precious, expensive, beloved Red Dwarf. Now, all I need is Ben to celebrate with. I make my way to the van, the alien appears. “Nicely played,” he said in a defeated tone, “you just wait, your turn will come.” Turn for what? As I replayed the sentence in my head. Before I could question what the alien meant, Ben reappeared in the van. We shared a look of satisfaction and accomplishment. Together, we had managed to steal the Red Dwarf and save all those who were captured by the alien in the past. I turn towards the computer screen, expecting to see the alien’s face, he had disappeared. I called out. There was no answer. I remember the sentence he spoke which didn’t make sense to me, “you just wait, your turn will come.” I really do hope my turn never comes.


Infestation of a Mind’s Imagination (The Red Dwarf)

The Red Dwarf Story written by Markella, Pascale, Alexis, Christina & Lara.

Story takes place when the main character spots the van down the street.

I sit back in my chair, laughing silently to myself. The un-crackable system had been cracked, and I was to collect my prize tomorrow at the shopping centre. The whole situation seemed unbelievably unrealistic to me. How could they have been so careless as to let Ivan’s most treasured belonging fall into my hands – no, not my hands, – the criminal of the century’s hands.

Still laughing maniacally, I roll away from the computer and to the windowsill, the moon’s rays shining into my room in a peaceful and inviting manner. Something seemed off.

I check the window next to my bed for a quick glance, letting the serene calmness of the street absorb into my being. The streets are empty, apart from the faint glow of light emitting from the street lamps. People are asleep soundly in their beds, not aware of what is to come next, tomorrow. Turning away, a shiver runs through me. I look over my shoulder, out the window, and a van lies still underneath the faint shimmer of street light. The white sheen of paint glimmers eerily in the dim omniscient glow of the weak light bulb. I lean in closer to the window, almost pressing my face against it.

“The hell?” My breath fogs against the glass, and when the fog dissipates, the van is gone.

I huff in frustration, turning back to my computer, completely disregarding the arrival and mysterious disappearance of the van. If I couldn’t sleep, there’d be no point in sitting by the window and getting nothing done.

I’ve been standing here all night. All my joints have frozen together, and my hands are shivering rhythmically from both fear and the temperature. I stand at the window staring bleakly through the haze the ice has left behind, my eyes hurting and my head spinning.

The van is still here.

I can now see the silhouette of a man in the dim morning light, his large frame looking cramped despite the large driver’s seat of the vehicle. His face is darkened by the shadow of the rising sun reflecting off the roof, and I’m struck with the oddest sense of déjà vu. But that’s ridiculous, I haven’t seen this man before.

Have I?

As if by telepathy, the van’s engines roar and in shock I fall over, taking down the (stolen) coffee table with me. Suddenly wide awake, I jump up to see the van pull around the corner and out of sight. With a sigh, I leave to ready myself and drink enough coffee to satisfy a crowd of tired partygoers, ensuring I’m awake enough to carry out the plan.

Jumping into my (stolen) car, I drive towards the shopping centre. With a groan, I see Steve standing outside his mother’s house, cleaning her car. He drops his sponge and waves excitedly at me, and I pretend to not notice and continue on my way. I see his dejected expression in the rear-view mirror, and guilt worms its way into my stomach. I shouldn’t feel this way, Steve is nothing but a nuisance, and I need to focus.

A feeling is burning up inside of me as I’m making my way through the crowded shopping centre. It’s worry infesting into my brain. Is my plan too good to be true? But no it can’t be! This is the best plan I have ever had, I have to prove the so called ‘out-of-this world’ security system wrong. I’m beginning to feel excited, then out of the corner of my eye I see the strange white van yet again! Is it following me? I quicken my pace and I know the fear shows on my face. I quickly turn a sharp corner, hoping to lose the van but curiosity takes over me and I have the urge to see the face of the man driving this strange van, the one who seems familiar to me. So I look behind me and the van is right on my tail. How could it be this fast? I don’t have a chance to see the person’s face when I run down a flight of stairs, down to a car park? I’m not sure but I just keep running. When I reach the car park the white van is right there, I stand frozen ready to give up.

The van pulled up beside me, its silent white doors showing my reflection; my face with frightened eyes and sweat running down my forehead, the ragged clothes and crumpled bags of my morning shopping. The door slowly opens and I thought someone would jump out at me, grabbing me and pulling me into it’s depths, never to be seen again, like all of those stories you hear on TV about children being abducted – and in a white van too. What a coincidence. I thought it was the end of me until nothing happened. The anger rose up inside of me and I make a rash decision. I jump into the van, ready for whoever was hiding. But no-one was in there.

“Are you here to torture me, to make me suffer? Then why are you hiding in the shadows? Come out so I can see you!” I screamed into the confined darkness.

Something happened then, the TV wobbled before a form materialised out of nothing. Fearing for my life I sprinted out of the van but there is no escape from this thing. It was the end, until I saw who – or more rather – what it was.

Rationality twists and turns in the confusion from the confrontation. Reality feels like fantasy as the cartoon moon looms over, perfectly circular with a rays that shine like day, and I’m gobsmacked staring at Steve in disbelief. My mumbled mind clusters questions which leave my mouth out of my control, feeling like my head is on the chopping block his ghostly, ghastly hand reaches out, and I gasp as though seeing the blade that is to behead me.

“You have been seeked for and now you are ours.”

His fingers lingering on my skin, wrapping around my neck, and my hairs stand on edge. His whispering words, flaky skin, and appearance underneath the haunted moon were inhuman.


Saying this left me drained.

“You are ours.”

Licking his lips, he rustles my hair.

“You will be devoured.”   

Sarah – Maurizio

Every morning we walked quietly to the train station, barely saying a word, just taking in our surroundings. We were encircled with the exotic greenery and birds chirping in the early morning sunlight. It was about a twenty minute walk to the train station from her house where we would be fenced with the presence of her friends who won’t quit harassing me and asking me endless numbers of questions. Does she tell her friends we are an item? I mean, I like her, but not in that way. She left me at her stop near her school and I continued into the city to explore the concrete jungle of Sydney.