Alexis – Maurizio


Well this is awkward.

These people are very strange. She won’t stop yapping on about this or that, and the girl keeps staring at me when she thinks I’m not looking. Silly girl. The house is incredibly dirty, with laundry everywhere and carpets once white now a dark grey. If my house looked like this, my mother would have a fit. My father would probably laugh, come to think of it. I wonder where the father is of this family. They must have gotten divorced. The mother certainly has the characteristics of a divorced woman. Her constant need for attention combined with her weird obsession with me makes me very uncomfortable. I would be flattered, but she looks older than my mother and applies makeup like a pre-schooler using crayons. Her flirting (I assume) is very invasive and too much information. She continues to press the fact that I can stay, and all it does is cement my desire to leave as quickly as possible. I need to eat this quickly, so I can go to my room and clean it from top to bottom.


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