Maurizio’s POV – Eliza Fitzgerald

Waking up in a strangers home felt weird, but I ignored the those feelings as I got up and made my way into the kitchen. Stephanie has been so kind to me for giving me a place to stay, her house is very small and comfortable and makes me feel at ease. As I pour milk into my cereal bowl, I think about the conversation I had last night with Stephanie. There was a lot of talk about her work and hobbies, but she spoke most passionately about her daughter, Julia, I’m intrigued to meet the adored girl. I hear a noise that makes me raise my head, my attention being drawn to the beautiful girl standing before me. Her jaw ever-so-slightly drops as our eyes meet. I can’t help the large smile form as I admire her rosy red cheeks and her long hair cascading down her shoulders. “Hi, I’m Maurizio.”


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