Infestation of a Mind’s Imagination (The Red Dwarf)

The Red Dwarf Story written by Markella, Pascale, Alexis, Christina & Lara.

Story takes place when the main character spots the van down the street.

I sit back in my chair, laughing silently to myself. The un-crackable system had been cracked, and I was to collect my prize tomorrow at the shopping centre. The whole situation seemed unbelievably unrealistic to me. How could they have been so careless as to let Ivan’s most treasured belonging fall into my hands – no, not my hands, – the criminal of the century’s hands.

Still laughing maniacally, I roll away from the computer and to the windowsill, the moon’s rays shining into my room in a peaceful and inviting manner. Something seemed off.

I check the window next to my bed for a quick glance, letting the serene calmness of the street absorb into my being. The streets are empty, apart from the faint glow of light emitting from the street lamps. People are asleep soundly in their beds, not aware of what is to come next, tomorrow. Turning away, a shiver runs through me. I look over my shoulder, out the window, and a van lies still underneath the faint shimmer of street light. The white sheen of paint glimmers eerily in the dim omniscient glow of the weak light bulb. I lean in closer to the window, almost pressing my face against it.

“The hell?” My breath fogs against the glass, and when the fog dissipates, the van is gone.

I huff in frustration, turning back to my computer, completely disregarding the arrival and mysterious disappearance of the van. If I couldn’t sleep, there’d be no point in sitting by the window and getting nothing done.

I’ve been standing here all night. All my joints have frozen together, and my hands are shivering rhythmically from both fear and the temperature. I stand at the window staring bleakly through the haze the ice has left behind, my eyes hurting and my head spinning.

The van is still here.

I can now see the silhouette of a man in the dim morning light, his large frame looking cramped despite the large driver’s seat of the vehicle. His face is darkened by the shadow of the rising sun reflecting off the roof, and I’m struck with the oddest sense of déjà vu. But that’s ridiculous, I haven’t seen this man before.

Have I?

As if by telepathy, the van’s engines roar and in shock I fall over, taking down the (stolen) coffee table with me. Suddenly wide awake, I jump up to see the van pull around the corner and out of sight. With a sigh, I leave to ready myself and drink enough coffee to satisfy a crowd of tired partygoers, ensuring I’m awake enough to carry out the plan.

Jumping into my (stolen) car, I drive towards the shopping centre. With a groan, I see Steve standing outside his mother’s house, cleaning her car. He drops his sponge and waves excitedly at me, and I pretend to not notice and continue on my way. I see his dejected expression in the rear-view mirror, and guilt worms its way into my stomach. I shouldn’t feel this way, Steve is nothing but a nuisance, and I need to focus.

A feeling is burning up inside of me as I’m making my way through the crowded shopping centre. It’s worry infesting into my brain. Is my plan too good to be true? But no it can’t be! This is the best plan I have ever had, I have to prove the so called ‘out-of-this world’ security system wrong. I’m beginning to feel excited, then out of the corner of my eye I see the strange white van yet again! Is it following me? I quicken my pace and I know the fear shows on my face. I quickly turn a sharp corner, hoping to lose the van but curiosity takes over me and I have the urge to see the face of the man driving this strange van, the one who seems familiar to me. So I look behind me and the van is right on my tail. How could it be this fast? I don’t have a chance to see the person’s face when I run down a flight of stairs, down to a car park? I’m not sure but I just keep running. When I reach the car park the white van is right there, I stand frozen ready to give up.

The van pulled up beside me, its silent white doors showing my reflection; my face with frightened eyes and sweat running down my forehead, the ragged clothes and crumpled bags of my morning shopping. The door slowly opens and I thought someone would jump out at me, grabbing me and pulling me into it’s depths, never to be seen again, like all of those stories you hear on TV about children being abducted – and in a white van too. What a coincidence. I thought it was the end of me until nothing happened. The anger rose up inside of me and I make a rash decision. I jump into the van, ready for whoever was hiding. But no-one was in there.

“Are you here to torture me, to make me suffer? Then why are you hiding in the shadows? Come out so I can see you!” I screamed into the confined darkness.

Something happened then, the TV wobbled before a form materialised out of nothing. Fearing for my life I sprinted out of the van but there is no escape from this thing. It was the end, until I saw who – or more rather – what it was.

Rationality twists and turns in the confusion from the confrontation. Reality feels like fantasy as the cartoon moon looms over, perfectly circular with a rays that shine like day, and I’m gobsmacked staring at Steve in disbelief. My mumbled mind clusters questions which leave my mouth out of my control, feeling like my head is on the chopping block his ghostly, ghastly hand reaches out, and I gasp as though seeing the blade that is to behead me.

“You have been seeked for and now you are ours.”

His fingers lingering on my skin, wrapping around my neck, and my hairs stand on edge. His whispering words, flaky skin, and appearance underneath the haunted moon were inhuman.


Saying this left me drained.

“You are ours.”

Licking his lips, he rustles my hair.

“You will be devoured.”   


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