The Red Dwarf

The Red Dwarf written by Sarah, Maggie, Piper, Gabby & Ruby.

The story takes place when Steve sees ‘Ben’ outside the convenience store & is written from Steve’s perspective.

On a Saturday in a crusty old convenience store I’ve just purchased my gizmo gadgets from a retired bikie who reeks of smoke. Walking outside into the blinding, white sky I spot my mate from school across the pot-hole road. He is a weird kind of fella, I’m not sure what he does. He doesn’t talk much, especially when we were in school. Ben sees me and comes over, “what have you’ve been doing the past five years mate?” I ask, he shrugs and asked me what I’ve bought. “Just some new gizmo’s and lotto tickets I’m gonna try out. You gonna do the same?” He turns his nose and says “No I don’t buy gizmo’s or lotto tickets, because I don’t need them”. I sigh, “Half your luck, mate. I’m always buying lotto tickets and never get anywhere. I’m beginning to think I should rob a bank or hatch a plan to snatch the Red Dwarf.” I said cautiously. And to my surprise, Ben answers. “I’ve actually been thinking about that too, maybe we could join forces.” Of course I wanted to. I mean, I really need the money. Someone who I could I go down with in the case of failure. “It would be pretty hard to crack the system, mate.” I say vigilantly.

“I’m up for it,” he says “are you?”

We go back to my house and hatch a plan to break the code of the uncrackable security system. I can’t lie, Petrov’s men have brains. His security people had never once let him down. We researched the rare, flawless, pink diamond to find it was discovered in Siberia by an old Russian miner years ago, who coincidentally happened to be Petrov’s grandfather. We got straight to work and devoted our logical minds to the various problems of snatching Ivan Petrov’s prize possession. To win the game we would have to determine Petrov’s household and discover who he employed, how they worked and what the system was made up of. We spent a few hours of boredom on the computer, analysing his monotonous hallway. We were almost out of patience and falling into pure tedium when someone, a woman, appeared on the screen of the computer. She ran rapidly across the screen, only fast enough for me to catch a glimpse of her auburn hair colour and the freckles that made her face. She was the housekeeper, not a Russian and spoke English well. After snapping a picture of a man in a grey suit and glasses we hurried back to my place to continue investigating The Red Dwarf.

A few days later, Wednesday, Ben and I spotted a strange rustic white van parked outside my house, it left so we thought no more of it. It is now Saturday, a few hours before Ben and I will capture the Red Dwarf. We venture out to the shopping centre to chew up time and grab a coffee. We finish our coffee with just over an hour before the exhibition where will we snatch the Red Dwarf.

“Look,” he says, “there it is.” We started the journey back to the car when Ben had spotted something. He didn’t even have to mention what it was, because I knew. By his tone and the expression in his voice I could tell it was back. The van had returned and was parked across the street, directly outside the shopping centre doors. Frozen, we stand, not knowing what to do when the van starts its engine and heads straight towards the doors. “Run!” I scream at Ben. I swivel around and head straight for the shopping centre, knocking over my surroundings.

“We made it!” I say with a sigh of relief.

I turned around only to find I was talking to myself because there was no Ben.

“Ben.” I screamed. Oh no. He’s gone but how he was right behind me. I run back in to the van. “Ben. Are you in here?” I whispered. I looked over to the computer screen and there was blood everywhere. That can’t be possible, I thought to myself.

“Your friend is gone.” The computer screen alien said to me.

“No. You’re not real. He’s not gone.” I screamed.

“He is and you’re next.” It said to me. I ran. I ran out of the van and out of the shopping centre to my house.

Your friend is gone. Your friend is gone. The phrase kept replaying in my head. Just then I realised that I had to get the Red Dwarf. Not for fun. Not for competition. But for Ben. “I’m getting it for Ben.” I whisper to myself. I start to plan how I’m going to get it. At night, I’m going to sneak into the museum and steal it. Pretty easy right. Not. I have to get passed the guards and then the security system and then I have to get the Red Dwarf and get out. I’m ready to get it though.

Its night time and I’m ready. I made my way to the museum. There I see the guards with torches. I go around the back. Only one guard. This will be easy. I throw something it to the bushes and the guard rushes over to find out what it is and when he does that, I run in. There is the box for the alarm code. I find the password and type it in. The alarm turns off. I grab out my torch and start searching for the Red Dwarf.

I finally found it. 30 minutes of looking. I shove it in my bag and run out the back door. Hit the guard on the head to knock him out and run back home.

I’ve done it. I’ve finally snatched the precious, expensive, beloved Red Dwarf. Now, all I need is Ben to celebrate with. I make my way to the van, the alien appears. “Nicely played,” he said in a defeated tone, “you just wait, your turn will come.” Turn for what? As I replayed the sentence in my head. Before I could question what the alien meant, Ben reappeared in the van. We shared a look of satisfaction and accomplishment. Together, we had managed to steal the Red Dwarf and save all those who were captured by the alien in the past. I turn towards the computer screen, expecting to see the alien’s face, he had disappeared. I called out. There was no answer. I remember the sentence he spoke which didn’t make sense to me, “you just wait, your turn will come.” I really do hope my turn never comes.



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