Chyka, Charlie, Angeliki- Short story – Red Dwarf

In a muggy, bland car park the mysterious van reappeared out of the shadows. Staring at me was logo about the red dwarf painted on the side of the van. It was only a painting but it was mocking me, the feeling of regret flowed through my body and all of a sudden I was in complete shock. Now the van had slowly came to a stop and the rear doors opened wide. The mystery of the van was too much temptation and I noticed that my legs were subconsciously walking around to the doors. As is peered around the corner a red light illuminated the inside and there was a wall of computer screens with a single key board resiting on a table with a chair neatly tucked in. There wasn’t anyone in the van, this gave me a nervous feeling that pulsed through my body. I sat down at the keyboard and my hacking instincts kicked in quickly trying to find out any important information that will help me in the quest to steel the red dwarf. I broke through the security wall but then all of a sudden a demented creature with pure evil eyes and shrivelled skin flaking of its body appeared on the screen.

I frantically typed in possible codes to get into the twisted system, before the alien would indulge in me.  My fingers were automatically typing, I wasn’t going to stop until I had got in. A bright green box with black bold righting saying ‘you are now in control’ popped up onto my screen. I had no time to congratulate myself on once again another success. I started to randomly pressed buttons on the keyboard and soon enough I discovered that by using specific codes I was able to control the beastly thing. I had no time to waste and drove the midnight black van to the fancy museum where the red dwarf was held. I stayed inside the tech van I couldn’t take any chance in getting into trouble by the police, I controlled the alien by using the keyboard to get the valuable red dwarf. I’m very smart I thought this plan through on the way, seeing that this being is an alien there’s no possible way that it will set off any human based alarms. I was right of course, it didn’t go off. Now the red dwarf was in my possession.

Ok so now I have this prize I need to figure out how I’m going to get out of here. There are cameras everywhere so I can’t waltz on out of here. No, no, no.  I need to be agile, stealthy and above all cautious. There is a camera just around the corner, I need to act casual I try to walk a bit closer to it. As I pass directly under the camera I’m just praying I’m in its blind spot. I’m sweating like someone got a bucket of water and through it at me. I can feel each and every drop running down my face. Pppphhheeeeewww! I made it past the camera. There’s the exit! I should just make a run for it before someone notices that the red dwarf is missing. I’m running past people just pushing them out of the way as though they are a helium balloons all swarming around me. There’s the van I jump in and slammed shut the doors. I jump into the driver’s seat and slam my foot on the accelerator it makes a screeching noise as though someone is scraping a black bored with their nails. Right now we are on our way to my house traveling at about 120k/hr.

I collect all my belongings like cloths and all my super cool gadgets. Suddenly I can hear a faint noise of sirens about a few blocks away that was my queue to leave. As I said my last good byes to the house that I had lived in for so many years. I shut the door and run as fast as I can I jump into the van slamming the door. I start the car. Nothing. I try again. Nothing. The noise of the siren is getting louder as they drive along the street directly across from my street. I keep trying to turn the car on. No luck. Eventually I realised that before the car starts all doors had to be closed and my door wasn’t I close it as hard as I can making the whole van move. I try tuning the car on. It works. I pounded my foot onto the breaks. I can now hear the sirens getting softer as I drive through these empty streets. I can’t hear them now. I suspect they are searching my house by now. It’s nearly night time I should pull over but I can’t take that risk especially now when I’m a wanted criminal. I decided to keep driving I turn the radio on. “Apparently in the museum the prize red jewel The Red Dwarf has been stolen this person is now the most wanted man.” As soon as I heard this I knew I shouldn’t try to just leave this state but to flee to another country. From now on I knew I would have to hide my face so I wore one of those jumpers that had a hoodie, I wore black tinted sunglasses. I could barely see a thing. I finally came the decision to catch a boat to New Zealand. I defiantly couldn’t go by plane it would be too risky with police and cameras everywhere I’d be caught in a second. No the only solution is to go by boat that way I can bring the whole van on board.


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