The Red Dwarf – Ena, Kat, Annie & Eva

As my eyes steadily open, the scent of acid takes control over my senses and I start to see blurry images, consisting of bright metals, pure whiteness and spots of green, causing me to shut my eyes quickly as the reflecting light becomes too over powering. I hear what sounds like a plan, being muttered by high-pitched voices. To reassure myself of where I’m standing I clench the palms of my sweaty hands and begin to panic as I reach my hand to feel the frosted glass all around me, as if I’m stuck in a capsule. I ask myself the pressing question, where am I?

My eyes finally adjust to see Steve opposite from me, eyes closed, trapped in a clear capsule looking as though he’s dead. Although I’m heavily confused as to where I am and why my neighbour is standing across from me looking deceased, all I can seem to wonder is how did I get here? The last moment that I can revise is the hand of an alien creature coming towards me while I sit mesmerised in the van that chased me prominently. But suddenly a loud thump on the glass surrounding me along with the shaking of my capsule, breaks my daydream as I stand, staring at the green alien creature I remember reaching towards my body, what felt like only seconds ago. “Welcome hacker #37135.” It said, but I freeze, wondering what I did to deserve such a hallucination. “Are you ready?” The alien creature has a high pitched, mechanic voice, a green and scaly looking texture as well as the biggest, blackest eyes I have ever seen in my whole existence. Then, I get the smallest pint of information from the creature, “’Operation: Steal the Red Dwarf’ has begun.”

We made it to the museum after minimal training to perfect our hacking skills. It was time, this is the moment. The army of hackers and disguised aliens we were about to make the heist when we heard a muttering sound was coming from around the corner. We waited anxiously as the guards passed not noticing the fifty or so aliens and humans invisibly standing less than a metre away from them and not realising that those people will so be the world’s greatest thieves. As we cautiously roam the halls of the museum it becomes increasingly familiar after the long days studying this buildings halls, corridors and security. Finally, just as we suspected a sign appears on the left, ‘The Red Dwarf, open now’. Again we proceed carefully aware of the potential dangers and room for error. A large dark room appears, our eyes follow from corner to corner taking in every detail, every camera. A single spotlight in the middle of the room makes clear a crystal clear box featuring the blood red diamond. Whispers begin as the risky part of the plan begins.


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