Snapshot-Eva Arkinstall

The Pale white walls of the science room seem to add to the dullness of the teacher’s monotone voice. The class was endless and drained of life .My mid drifted off to a daydream at first it was just pure white and the voices around me began to drift away like me.  Now I’m just about to leave the class, I can’t wait any longer to rush out, bolt down the halls to him so, I can tell him everything. ‘MISS! Wake up NOW please’ my teacher barks hovering over me with his grey soulless eyes full of regret. “What are your views on snapshot?” his voice piercing one ear to the other “I don’t really have any, I’m not sure I understand the full story. Why he travel and what his purpose?” the teacher just stood a little bit flabbergasted. I went back to my daydream of would might be to come.


Maurizio’s POV

Okay I have my map, hat, sunglasses and my phone. OKAY IM READY! But I have to wait for Julia to be ready. I will amuse myself while I wait, I could thing about my girlfriend and how I will break up with her but how can I she coming to Australia in less than a week and I’m too stressed. I being myself out of the down would spinal that is my current life to meet the eyes of the beautiful Julia. There are full of desire and youth. I stare into them trying to see if I can read her mind and see if she feels the same about me as I. She says something but I takes me a while to process it. “ Today I’m a tourist!”


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