My first impressions on Josephine Alibrandi – Ena Beganovic

Josephine Alibrandi (most commonly known as Jose), is an odd main character for a novel yet proves to be the reason why ‘Looking for Alibrandi’ is such a success. Most main characters demonstrate traits that puts them in a position to be different in one way or another, whether in their personality or physical skills. Although, Jose is an ordinary girl that portrays herself to be cool, calm and collected, creating a relatable story line. Shown by her scholarship to a so-called ‘posh school’, Josephine is intelligent yet rebellious. Through her controversial, mixed group of friends and vice-captain status, I perceive Jose to be a socialite. Her intelligence comes through in the way she speaks, using complex vocabulary and convincing language. I see this as the way she beams about and is labelled as vain, boasting about her impressive brains. Although she can make humorous jokes, I find she can be mistaken for overly serious. I read Josephine as quietly proud about her Italian ancestry and genes, despite the constant bickering towards her Grandmother. Loud, brave and meaningful, I feel she blames a lot of her mistakes and flamboyant gestures on having an international heritage, more specifically, Italian. Overall, I perceive Jose as a young girl that is easy to work out and is packaged with confidence and bravery, in a way that says ‘I don’t care what anybody thinks.’


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