Gabby Jeffs- Journal 1


Josephine (Josie) Alibrandi has many different traits to her that makes her different. She is a very intelligent and capable student but has a rebellious attitude. She is a social person who has a group of friends with all different personalities. She is a cool and calm person who is not overly serious. Although she and her grandma argue Josie seems quite proud of her Italian background. Overall Josie seems to be an easy-going, confident and brave character in the book.


Josie sees herself as a confident and optimistic person. Although she has difficulty with her ethnicity which is shown on page 40, “…. Not as an Australian or an Italian…” this shows how she doesn’t exactly know which one to be causing her to feel afraid. Issues also during school as student comment on her illegitimacy. This makes Josie annoyed which causes her to act out Josie has a very strong bond with her mother who is a big influence in her life. Josie’s grandma has very strong opinions on how Josie should act and be more cultural this makes Josie frustrated.


There are many different characters such as her family, friends, teachers and classmates that influence Josie into the person she is. Josie family forces many different challenges onto Josie as she has many expectations coming from her grandma to become more cultural. The nuns at Josie’s school are strict and expect Josie to be mature and they have great expectations on her academically. This puts stress on Josie to perform well. Josie isn’t always positive when talking to classmates and has little tolerance for wealthy vain people.  Overall Josie although is a confident and unique character seems to be targeted by others which affects her development as a character.


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