Pascale Healy- Journal 1

I first saw Josephine as a strong girl who lived a fairly normal life. Also, it seemed she was often not fazed by much, mostly calm. She was very intelligent and wasn’t afraid to admit it. She was also seen as a troublemaker at school. I noticed that she felt out of place at her school because she was on a scholarship and was a different class from most of her peers but she was lucky to find a group of friends even though they seemed unlikely acquaintances.

Josephine doesn’t look at herself highly in appearance but knows she is very talented because of her intelligence. She has always lived with her caring mother, creating a close relationship and has never met her father until recently. Others see Josephine as a migrant’s daughter living in an old terrace going to a school “dominated by rich people” (chapter 1, p.6). They see her as shy and not very sociable because of the restrictions set forth by her Italian family. Her friends push her to be more sociable and outgoing but her grandmother and mother cause her to stay at home and behave, although this can make her feel like being more rebellious. Josephine wants to be more outgoing and sociable but is caught between her family, friends and her own aspirations. However, I see her as a socialite because of her friendliness, vice-captain status and sociable aspirations with certain people.

I felt as though Josephine’s dad acted very rudely when meeting Josie and her mother, saying that Josie would be a complication in his life. This ruined Josie’s visions of fatherly love and therefore she felt she didn’t want or need him in her life either. Her Nonna shows her love through being controlling and worrying about her family constantly which causes fights to arise. Her mother is loving but fights with Josie often, showing an unpleasant relationship at times. Josie wants to finish her schooling as soon as she can because of the snobbery and the Sisters that can be nosy and strict. Josephine has a nice group of friends that are all very different individuals but somehow they come together to form a friendship. Josephine often complains about how snobbish the people at her school can be but when she mixes with other school students, she can be seen as a bit of a snob herself but doesn’t realise it. She is influenced by the people at her school.


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