Blog- Looking for Alibrandi- Charlotte Greer

Q1. My first impressions of Josephine Alibrandi was that she was a smart yet rebellious young lady who attended a school of rich rude kids, but she didn’t hold any of those mean traits. I thought much of her personal teen life was revolved around boys as she wanted to catch the bus with the good looking boys. She is very close with her mother and passionate about her nationalities. Q2. The character Josephine Alibrandi sees herself as an outcast at her high school ( St. Martha’s ) purely because she got in there on a scholarship where as many others in her grade pay the expensive fee’s. She also sees herself as different towards her family because she wants to break a traditions held strong within it. Others see Josephine as a rebellious kid and some of her the girls in her cohort even refer to her as a ‘wog’. Q3. I feel empathy towards Josephines family/home life. Her family is made up of only her mother and her grandmother, her father doesn’t appear present currently. I Also feel emapathy for her school life as the ‘popular’ kids refer to her as a wog which Josie considers an insult towards her culture.


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