Christina Ferguson- Journal 1

Journal 1 blog

My first impressions of Josie are that she does not respect authority and often talks out or back if she doesn’t agree with what has been said. She is not one who follows rules. She is protective of her family and although is proud to be Australian-Italian she also believes it is a burden. Josie believes that she is not rich enough to go to her school and believes that while Italians have a chaotic life while Aussies have no problems and believes that she is underprivileged and sees her illegitimacy as a weakness. Poison ivy sees both her and her friends as wogs as can be seen when she calls her such on page 82 in chapter 8. When at the debate John Barton believes that Josie is in control of her life and had no pressures as can be seen on page 46. Her father cannot make a decision about her yet however, has come through for her when he is needed. I feel sorry for her that family is always fighting and that she doesn’t have a relationship with her father. I also feel sorry for her about her conflicts with poison ivy and Sera. As well as this the situation with John Barton is hard and her relationship with Jacob Coote.


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