Eliza Fitzgerald – Journal 1

Journal Blog – Looking for Alibrandi

Josephine Alibrandi, better known as Josie, is a 17 year old Italian girl. My first impression of Josie was that she was an intelligent girl with a ‘too cool for school’ attitude. I believed that she hardly cared about her education, only the newest celebrity gossip and boys. Although after reading past chapter 1, I soon realised that Josie attended her school on a scholarship and she was a victim of snobbish gossip. Josie sees herself as different compared to the others at her school because of her culture, family and beliefs. She believes that it is unfair that she doesn’t get the same treatment from family and friends that other girls may get. Others see Josie as a girl who isn’t afraid to speak her mind and isn’t afraid of the consequences. Her grandmother (Nonna) pressurises Josie into being the perfect Italian granddaughter, even though both her and Josie know she is not. Christina, Josie’s mother, is the most important person is Josie’s life and her love and approval is extremely important to Josie. I feel empathy towards Josie regarding her family circumstances, because of her lack of a father figure, her Nonna and the pressure she feels to be perfect. The situation she faces with her father is anything but easy and I feel sorry her because of this.


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