Hannah Borrett- Journal 1

First impressions Josie imposed on me included the impression that she and her family were poor Italian migrants who had moved to Australia for better opportunities including education for Josie. Josie feels that she and the underprivileged Italian race are excluded from her rich Australian school, however Jacob Coote sees her as a snob from St. Martha’s. She is self-confident and doesn’t believe she is beautiful despite her mother’s compliments. At school Josie is despised as she came to St. Martha’s on a scholarship rather than through her father’s job or wealth like the other students. Josie lives alone with her mother as her father moved states when he was 18, leaving her to raise Josie as a single parent. This impacts her life as her nonna dumps hatred all over her mother and tells her she is not a good parent, this damages Josie’s state of mind. Josie is alwa

feeling sorry for herself as she has to deal with her nonna and the students at St. Martha’s. However when she remembers that her mother and nonna were both 17, the same age as her when she gave birth to her and her nonna migrated from Sicily. This makes her appreciate her life more as she is grateful that her life is not as difficult as her family’s.



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