Journal 1- Chyka Steer

My first impression of Josie was that she’s the typical teenager that felt out of place in school and society. She has an under appreciation for her natural gifts and often takes for granted the opportunities that she has. Another aspect of Josie’s personality is that she doesn’t respect authority figures; for example, she is often arguing with her teachers, grandmother, and mother. As well as her lack of respect for her authority figures Josie wasn’t afraid to speak her mind, she was a quick thinker and wants to be like everyone else.

 Josie sees herself as a poor girl in a rich world and like most teenagers she wants to change several things about herself especially her hair. Josie went to a school that was “dominated by rich people” (chapter 1, p.6) where she felt out of place. Another reason she feels out of place is because of her illegitimacy due to the age of her mother when she gave birth to Josie and that she didn’t have a father. Other people see Josie as a smart and capable young lady that often ends up in trouble because of her passionate values or her friends, that lead her astray.

I feel as if Josie has a lot of expectations riding on her shoulders also she is expected to act a certain way that she doesn’t always follow. There is pressure from her peers to act and dress a certain way, this pressure influences Josie to change her character to fit the mould.


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