Katerina Astropalitis – Journal 1

Josie, i feel, is always complaining about something at school, home or at her Nonnas. There is always something wrong with her life. She thinks of herself as poor, an outsider (not normal) and unattractive. Josie thinks that other people (her peers at school) see her as an unattractive lower class wog. But really, the author portrays Josie as a very smart, Italian who doesn’t fit in with what society calls normal. She is represented as “not normal” though not having a dad, being an Italian and not dressing or acting the same as everyone else.

I feel sympathetic towards Josie and her mother for having that problem with her father.

I think that is very stereotypical how the groups in her school are split up into the rich and poor. I find it quite interesting that “Josie as a nerd” is competing with a “popular girl”, normally its two poplar’s fighting for a spot to be the best. This is a trait that the book has that makes it so interesting.


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