Madeleine Fee- Journal one

My first impression of Josie was that she was a very typical scholarship kid who is above average but is never smarter than one other person causing a rivalry. Her family life was quite different to a normal life as her mother is a single parent and she has many arguments with her widowed grandmother. Josie sees herself as a misfit who only has other misfits as friends. She also describes how dysfunctional her family is as she was conceived out of wedlock which her Italian culture doesn’t support. Her mother however reminds Josie how beautiful she is which she doesn’t believe as she didn’t inherit any of her mother’s feature whom she perceives to be gorgeous. I felt sorry for Josie as I understand how today society is not accepting to people who aren’t what is perceived as ‘normal’. At Josie’s school she is surrounded by rich people who are able to afford a prestigious education whereas Josie is there on a scholarship which means she is an outcast to them.



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