Sarah Stockley – Journal 1

Journal Blogging – Looking for Alibrandi

When I first read about Josephine Alibrandi I thought she was an intelligent girl who was naturally talented meaning she didn’t have to pay attention in class. I first thought she was a bit of a snob but after reading further into chapter 1 I soon found that she attended a snobby school on a scholarship and she wasn’t wealthy. I also thought she centred her life around boys and didn’t want to spend time with her Nonna because she wanted to catch the bus home with all the good looking boys. Josephine Alibrandi, also known as Josie, sees herself as disadvantaged because of her culture and she doesn’t feel she fits in with her family as she is breaking a tradition by wanting to go away when she is 18. She wants to leave her family and the rituals behind. She also sees herself as ‘underprivileged’ because she only got into St Martha’s on a scholarship because her mother is poor. Others see her as a rebellious teenager who is commonly known as Nonna Katia’s granddaughter (everything Josie does is eventually told to her Nonna). Her mother is Josie’s world. Josie becomes extremely worried when her mother starts acting strange and suggests they go on a holiday (chapter 1, page 13). Her father enters the picture (chapter 3, page 38). Her grandmother tells Josie’s mother everything she hears (chapter 1, page 11). Her friends Sera, Lee and Anna (chapter 2, page 18-21). Throughout the beginning of the novel, Josie faces situations such as family expectations and school expectations. So far, she has been put in situations with her mother and the predictions Josie made about cancer. She has had many encounters with her father that have caused her to make tough decisions and she also has to face her grandmother who is always pressuring Josie.





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