Annie Bates – Journal blog 1

Josephine Alibrandi is a strong minded teenager. Her wit and intelligence makes her well liked amongst her friends and peers. Aside from her ‘say what’s on my mind’ personality she can be a kind and caring friend. Her willingness to always be correct and the attitude she has to doing well and helping others do well again demonstrates her strong mind. I feel that although Josie is well liked among her friends, she feels as if she isn’t beautiful or rich as she only attends the ‘rich’ school, St Martha’s, on a scholarship. Josie and her mother don’t get along with their grandmother as she always comments on the way Josie is brought up. She is always trying to stay up with the latest fashion and doesn’t like to be herself and start her own trends. There are always pressures on Josephine. At the same time as maintaining her good girl reputation her high marks in all subjects must be maintained as she is a scholarship student. Josie sees herself as an ‘outsider’ at her school and neighbourhood but hated the idea as she considered herself as smart as her peers. People see Josephine as an illegitimate child because she was born into a family where her parents weren’t married and this was considered a disgrace to the Italian culture. Also her peers see her as rebellious and selfish.


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