Gabby Jeffs- Journal 2

Character Quotation
Her mother “My mother and I have a pretty good relationship, if a bit erratic. One minute we love each other to bits and spend hours in deep and meaningful and next minute well be screeching at each other”. pg5



Her father



“As far as the world is concerned, Michael Andretti is just the guy next door”. pg15



“I’m not sure if anyone has ever died of the fact that their granddaughter looks untidy, but I’m sure my grandmother will one day because she’ll strain her voice so much she’ll choke”. pg34
Jacob Coote



“I would have never thought that Jacob Coote would be passionate like that”. pg30

“He cracked two eggs on my glasses once”.  pg32

Poison Ivy



“She’s one of those girls with perfect white skin and not one split end in her strawberry blonde hair”.  pg7
John Barton



“School captain of St Anthony’s. Son of a member of parliament. Greatest debater who ever lived. Good looking. Popular. Tell me, what more could I want out of life”. pg 41





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