Madeleine Fee- Journal 2

Character Quotation
Her mother  

“My mother and I have a pretty good relationship, if a bit erratic. One minute we love each other to bits and spend hours in deep and meaningful conversation and next minute we’ll be screeching at each other about the most ridiculous thing,”p.5.


Her father



“She slept with the boy next door,”p.7.



“Because of the way Nonna makes my mother feel, I hate making that women happy,” p.114
Jacob Coote



“I know it sounds suss, but he is really nice. He’s very deep when he wants to be.” p.110
Poison Ivy



No matter how much I hate Poison Ivy, I want to belong to her and her world.” p.32
John Barton



“Not that he’s a ‘pretty boy’ or even bursting with sex-appeal, come to think about it. It’s the honesty and realness about him that I love.” p.42

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