Markella Patounas – Journal Two

It is important to recognise Josie’s initial perspectives on herself, her family and friends and on life.  Find a quotation which reflects Josephine’s attitude to:

Her mother: “My mother may look like a delicate and soft woman but the strength in her eyes is such a comfort to me when I’m scared.”

Her father: “I felt sick at the idea of meeting him, though at the same time I desperately wanted to.”

Nonna Katia: “Maybe that’s what I dislike about Nonna. That she couldn’t accept things the way they were.”

Jacob Coote: “I would have never thought that Jacob Coote would be passionate like that.”

Poison Ivy: “We hate each other’s guts, probably because we’ve been competitive all our lives.”

John Barton: “It’s the honesty and realness about him that I love. It’s written on his face like a script.”


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