Piper McLeod – Journal 1

Journal blogging – Looking for Alibrandi

Josephine is a 17 year old young Italian lady living in Australia. When we first started reading ‘Looking for Alibrandi’ my first impression of Josie was that she a sweet, smart girl. Josie portrays herself as a strong willed young women. She seems like she is very family centered and a very loving person. Josephine doesn’t live with her father, Michael Andretti and did not grow up with him, which make the connection with her mother a lot stronger. Josephine sees herself as a smart ‘wog’ girl. She does not see herself as normal and but rather as a part of the lower class. Others see Josie as a strong willed individual who is not afraid to speak up. Others also see Josie as an unattractive lower class girl who is very family orientated. Josephine’s grandmother, Nonna plays a very big part off Josie’s life. Most afternoons after school Josie would go over to her Nonna and spend time with her. Josephine’s Mother, Christina is the most important person in Josie’s life. Although they may has disagreements here and there, they always make up. I feel empathy towards Josephine because it must have been hard for her not growing up with father in her life. I also feel sorry for Josephine because her Nonna tries to change the way she approaches certain things. Because Josie has been accepted into the school on a scholarship and for Josie that means she approaches her work very seriously. The nuns at Josie’s school are very strict and do not particularly like Josephine.




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