Maggie Thomas – Journal 1

Josephine Alibrandi, is a seventeen year old girl who goes to a snobby, Australian private school. Josie is an Italian, her family migrated to Australia for better opportunities and a better life. She feels out of place in her community, she was raised by only her mother with no father involved in her upbringing, and she doesn’t have the privileges or the money which the other teens have. Josephine comes across as a very intelligent young women who is learning more about herself and the life she lives every day. She regularly mentions how beautiful her mother and Nonna are, however always adding that she never got the same genes and doesn’t have the same beautiful look. Josie feels lots of pressure in her life, especially at school where she has to maintain her high marks in order to keep her scholarship. Her sometimes rude, but witty comments can come across to her peers as both immature and intelligent at the same time, letting everyone know about her strong voice of opinion.


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