Eva Arkinstall-Journal 1

Josephine Alibrandi is the main character of the book ‘looking for Alibrandi’. Josephine or mostly known as Jose/Josie seems to be a good kid, she doesn’t drink or do drugs. To me she is a pretty stereotypical teenager, she doesn’t have many friends and her family is impossible to deal with which is basically what every teenager would tell you. To me she’s a bit of a drama queen because the biggest problem to her is mean kids and her dad. In the book Jose seems to complain a lot about her family and school amongst other things but to me that she has everything she needs to live a good life. She goes to a very high-end school that would give her a good education so she would be able to get a nice job. The family she has loves her very much, her grandma may seem rude and nosey but she really is just trying to help Josie. How Jose is described she seems very pretty but critical towards herself which is also common with teens. Jose to me isn’t that interesting she seems just like everyone else which can make the book interesting because everyone else writing books make the kid a wizard or something when Jose is just like me or you.


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