Maggie Thomas – Journal 2

Character Quotation
Her mother “My mother and I have a pretty good relationship, if a bit erratic. One minute we love each other to bits and spend hours in deep and meaningful conversation and next minute we’ll be screeching at each other about the most ridiculous thing, from my room being in a state of chaos to the fact that she won’t let me stay overnight at a friend’s home.” – pg. 5
Her father



“She slept with the boy next door when they were sixteen and before anything could be decided he moved to Adelaide.” – pg. 7



“I’m not sure if anyone has ever died of the fact that their granddaughter looks untidy, but I’m sure my grandmother will one day because she’ll strain her voice so much she’ll choke.” – pg. 34
Jacob Coote



“He looks like a grot sometimes because of his hair and ear-ring and wild look, but when he smiles its warm and sincere. Never ever fake.” –pg. 150
Poison Ivy



“ No matter how much I hate poison ivy, I want to belong to her and her world.” – pg.
John Barton



“School captain of St Anthony’s. Son of member of parliament. Greatest debater who ever lived. Good-looking. Popular. Tell me, what more could I want out of life? – pg. 41

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