Sarah Stockley – Journal 2

Character Quotation
Her Mother “Don’t you say anything bad about my mother,” I yelled, getting off the bike quickly. “She’s a good mother.” (p106)
Her Father “How dare you think that I want to be in your life! I don’t want you anywhere near us, especially my mother. If she cries in the next couple of weeks and I find out it’s because you’ve hurt her you’re in big trouble.” (p69)
Nonna “I hated her because she never had anything nice to say about Mama. I hated her because she’d never let my mother forget the past. I hated her because I had to go to her place in the afternoons. I hated her because she tried to act like my mother. I hated her because she was being friendly to Michael Andretti. I hated her because she rang my Mama to keep her up to date on everything I said and did wrong so she could say, ‘You’re a bad mother, Christina’”. (p40)
Jacob Coote “Jacob Coote is the most unreasonable pig I have ever met.” (p126)
Poison Ivy “We hate each other’s guts, probably because we’ve been competitive all our lives.” (p21)
John Barton “Have I ever told you about the ‘love of my life’ John Barton?” (p41)



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