Ruby van Hamersveld – Journal 2


Character Quotation
Her mother



“You spend all your life bringing me up,

wasting your youth on a selfish person,

yet you never complain” pg 109

Her father



“I looked at his eyes.

They were so dark and similar to mine….

He’s a worrier, I realised.

That  was human” pg 129




“It’s not the youth of today, Nonna…

It’s you and people like you.

Always worrying about what people think.

Always talking about other people” pg 37

Jacob Coote



“Cook High is a public school in the city area…

We think we’re better than them.

They think they’re the biggest dags in the world” pg 26

Poison Ivy



“ We hate each other’s guts,

probably because we’ve been competitive all our lives” pg 21

John Barton



“Picture this. School captain of St Anthony’s.

Son of a member of parliament.

Greatest debater who ever lived.

Good looking.


Tell me, what more I want out of life?”  pg 41


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