Annie Bates-Blog 2


Character Quotation
Her mother “You spend all your life bringing me up,

wasting your youth on a selfish person, yet you never complain”     (pg 109)

Her father



“She slept with the boy next door when they were sixteen and before anything could be decided he moved to Adelaide.” (pg 7)



“My grandmother’s meddling could put Mother Theresa in a bad mood.” (pg 12)
Jacob Coote



“I wish I could make you happy and me happy” (pg 210)
Poison Ivy



“Ivy reckons she’s a living doll” (pg 49)
John Barton



“School captain of St Anthony’s. Son of member of parliament. Greatest debater who ever lived. Good looking. Popular. Tell me, what more could I want out of life” (pg 41)



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